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Beachcomber - The Art of BeautifulBeachcomber - The Art of Beautiful
Beachcomber - The Art of BeautifulBeachcomber - The Art of Beautiful
Beachcomber - The Art of BeautifulBeachcomber - The Art of Beautiful
Beachcomber - The Art of BeautifulBeachcomber - The Art of Beautiful
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Beachcomber Environmental and Social Policy Statement

As a Mauritian company and pioneer of the hospitality industry in Mauritius, we are aware of the gift nature has given us to live in one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. Our responsibility is to pass it on to future generations whilst taking care of each member of our teams. Each person is, and will remain, a true artisan of Beachcomber’s very personal idea of hospitality.

We are conscious that safeguarding the natural beauty and biodiversity in the regions where we operate is critical for the sustainable development of Mauritian tourism. We will strive to reduce the impact of our activity on the natural environment while complying fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Our commitment is also a social one. Our people are at the heart of Mauritian tourism and we are convinced that they should benefit from its success. We are also committed to offering the underprivileged communities an opportunity for a better and more sustainable future. Through our “Fondation Espoir Developpement Beachcomber” we want to inspire guests and partners to take action in the communities where we live and work.

Beachcomber Sustainability Commitments stand as follows:
  1. Managing land use so as to preserve both the environment and the interests of the community.
  2. Pursuing our commitment to solar and other renewable energies, to minimize use of fossil fuels and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Developing our water management policy through measures to minimize usage and encourage recycling.
  4. Expanding our waste management system to protect air and fresh water quality.
  5. Increasing our use of clean technologies, in particular with respect to pesticides and other chemicals.
  6. Contributing to initiatives to preserve ecosystems, and in particular to prevent coastal erosion.
  7. Supporting our artisans’ initiatives for the social and cultural development of the community.
  8. Promoting economic empowerment of communities by training and employing the youths and by fostering procurement by our hotels from small and medium local enterprises.
  9. Making our artisans, our guests and other stakeholders more conscious of sustainability issues.

These commitments build on initiatives already in progress to achieve EarthCheck certification, in line with our continuous improvement policy which will be reviewed periodically. 

Gilbert Espitalier-Noël
1st March 2017