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Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels invites Chef Denny Imbroisi to the Il Corallo restaurant at Trou aux Biches hotel.

Since the beginning of April, Italian felicità has taken over the Il Corallo Italian restaurant! Chef Denny Imbroisi, as smiling as he is enthusiastic, brings all his passion and perfect mastery of Italian cuisine to this dream restaurant facing the sea. In an atmosphere of discovery and sharing, this collaboration between the Il Corallo restaurant and the Parisian gastronomic table Ida was imagined around diversity and transmission. For the occasion, Guillaume Brégeat, Executive Chef at Trou aux Biches, and Denny Imbroisi have created a tasty menu with Italian accents: "a sincere and authentic score, with a touch of audacity."

The new menu offers typical Italian cuisine, reinterpreted by Chef Denny Imbroisi. At Il Corallo restaurant, gourmets and gourmands can savor dishes such as Cotoletta alla milanese, Cacio e Pepe with truffle, or Tiramisù impiattato al tavolo. Dishes with resonant sounds evoking a thousand delights, to be enjoyed in a postcard-worthy setting. The menu, highlighting local products, will evolve throughout the seasons until April 2024. Four signature dishes signed by Denny Imbroisi will kick things off: spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes, stracciatella and basil; Jewish-style artichoke, carciofo alla giudia; potato gnocchi, Mauritian crab ragù and bottarga; meringue, mango pineapple and passion fruit.

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About Denny Imbroisi:

The most Italian of French chefs learned his craft from the best cooks. In his father's kitchen first, he learned the love of the trade. A vocation that he didn't hesitate to make shine from Mantua to Paris. From commis to Chef, he climbed the ladder one by one, alongside Mauro Colagreco, William Ledeuil, or even Alain Ducasse. An initiatory journey, during which Denny Imbroisi strengthened his convictions and maintained a strong connection with his roots. Very sincere and spontaneous, he brings his perfect mastery of Italian and French cuisines, both authentic and modern, to his Parisian restaurants: the gastronomic table Ida in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and the Epoca (7th arrondissement) and Malro (3rd arrondissement) restaurants offering generous dishes with unique and reassuring flavors.