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An aquatic dance with the dolphins

Meet the dolphins, in their natural habitat, in the middle of crystalline water, surrounded by breathtaking panorama. 

It is one of the West Coast’s wonders, perhaps the only place in the world where you can swim with dolphins in the morning, do a safari on the back of a dromedary at midday and a walk with lions in the afternoon.

  • Swimming
  • Swimming

Carnivorous toothed cetacean mammals: the dolphins are grouped into twelve species, spread throughout the oceans. They are banded and live in moderate and tropical areas. Since 1500 BC they fed many legends and mythologies. They appeared on coins, mosaics, paintings and on Greek and Roman sculptures. They are considered to be as intelligent as humans with whom they nurture a friendly bond.

Two types of dolphins can be spotted in Mauritius: the most popular one in the world: the bottle-nosed dolphin or the large dolphin and the spinner dolphin. The bottle-nosed dolphin travels in small groups and is easily approachable in the middle of the lagoon early in the morning and sometimes in the afternoons when it goes hunting in the open sea. It is advised, to be there with the rising sun to get a chance to live this unique experience. The spinner dolphins swim under water in groups of ten.

For those of you who happen to be more patient and venture further down the coastline, you may get to admire whales. Among them, you may encounter sperm whales, considered as Mauritians since they live in our waters all year long, but also humpback whales that stay with us only three months a year, from July to September.  

Grab your flippers, masks and snorkel and jump in for a memorable encounter…