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The idea is to introduce children between the ages of 6 and 15 to the world of wellness but in a very playful and tasty way. Beachcomber Group had the amazing idea and invites the children to Ile aux Enfants or the Children’s Sanctuary, which is present in all its resorts. The children are initiated to the Art of an Amazing World which provides beauty treatment specifically intended for their age. They will discover the meaning of serenity and will learn to take care of themselves while being aware of their body.




Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, almond, candy: the smell of the products used for the treatments already draws the children into a world that they love. The natural products that are used in these treatments are also used in beauty treatment for adults. We are talking about a myriad of lip-smacking fragrances like chocolate but also sweet ones like the pink bubble, which reminds us of cotton candy.



The legacy that Mauritius earned from nature, is at the heart of the products that are used in the spas of Beachcomber. Sugar, coconut and honey are among the wonderful tropical ingredients that are used. They are mixed with ingredients that are universally known for their benefits such as vegetable oil, shea butter and bee wax so as to enhance the exquisite experience that these Mauritian scents promise. In addition to their natural nourishing and soothing properties, these products are pure bliss for the skin that feels rejuvenated, and also, for the body and the soul.


An alternative way to relax

The beauty therapist will design the treatment according to the needs and reactions of the child. The treatments are specifically designed for their young age and body type. They meet the specific characteristics and intimacy of the child. The rhythms are well respected and the duration of the massage shortened. The pressure exerted is also adapted to the child’s age. 

The massages focus on the back, the lower legs, the arms, the hands and the face. They allow the children to experience first-hand the benefits of touch through adequate body movements that promote serenity, release any tension and support growth.



The facial beauty treatments are just as good as those reserved for adults. They consist of a cleansing, gentle scrub, hydration and massage – the essential steps towards a healthy skin. The hands and feet treatment for both boys and girls, are ideal for relaxation and include a massage. They are topped up with a manicure for the girls with nail polish from the BIO SCULPTURE ET EVO PRO brand, a vegan-make that guarantees breathability and healthy nails.

Children’s Island opens a door on a whole new world, that of wellness and rejuvenation. It is about offering the children an alternative way to relax. This discovery can also be the ideal platform for mother and daughter to get together. Parents must accompany their young children for the registration process. They can also witness the different treatments or even better, experience the feeling with their child.



For a fulfilled experience, the pools, basins, relaxation gardens and “Tisanerie des Délices” bar is accessible to the children at specific times.

Loyal to our commitment, we nurture the art of beauty in all its dimensions: the beauty of a place inspires the beauty of the heart. The artisans of Beachcomber are fully aware of these standards.

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