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Rochester Falls: Gentle Thrills of the South

Rochester Falls. It is under this name that the falls of Rochester, some four kilometres away from the village of Souillac, are most commonly known.

It is famous for its rectangular rocks and the fresh, translucent water of its pond which collects the waterfall tumbling into the void about ten metres higher.

In order to access these incredible and famous cliffs whose faint rumble can be heard from afar, in the south of Mauritius, one must go through a path flanked by sugarcane fields between the villages of Surinam and Souillac. This crossing stretches over about one kilometre. One then reaches a track that must be negotiated on foot to reach pebbles polished by water and time adorning the pond, while the rectangular rocks and enthralling spectacle of dizzyingly high waterfalls unfold right in front of your eyes.

They symbolise the beauty of the wild south of Mauritius and the gentle thrills of nature as much as the cliffs of Gris-Gris and La Roche-qui-pleure, where waves, off Gris-Gris beach, smash against the cliffs wherever there are no coral reefs.

Rochester Falls is an exhilarating experience in the heart of lush vegetation. Those whose urge for adventure runs deep can either go for a few strokes in the pond or let themselves be massaged vigorously by the gushing water cascading down the rock faces sculpted by centuries of erosion. Or else, admire the daredevils diving from a height of ten metres. No matter which one you choose, capturing this moment with a camera is a must.