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Exclusive Wellness Retreats

Elevate your well-being to new heights and embark on a journey of holistic transformation with our 6 curated wellness retreats namely: Meditation and Energy, Silhouette and Pilates, Muscle Toning, Sleep Sanctuary, Timeless Beauty and Detox and Wellbeing.

You will be immersed in a world of tranquility and self-discovery as you embark on these 5-to-7-day programs a transformative journey designed to renew, refresh, and revitalize. From personalized fitness sessions to mindfulness meditation, serene spa treatments, nutritious eating and immersive experiences, each retreat is tailored to enhance your mind, body, and spirit, following your wellness objectives.

Proposing a synergy between the benefits of healthy eating and a set of rituals, exercises, as well as personalized advice in micronutrition through the Espinasse method, and accompanied by a range of dietary supplements specially formulated by Valérie Espinasse, who holds a PhD in Pharmacy, our retreats will offer you a complete immersion in holistic well-being, promising profound and lasting results. Additionally, an assessment will be conducted before and after each retreat to evaluate the progress made.

Meditation and Energy

A transformative journey towards your inner peace. Blending ancient wisdom with modern well-being, this holistic programme is inspired by Ayurveda, Reiki and various relaxing massages to promote balance and inner peace. In addition to enhancing vitality and awareness, a number of workshops help stimulate blood circulation, clear accumulated toxins, relieve tension and provide profound peace of mind to stressed-out souls.

Day 1: Balancing Your Chakras
-Chakra meditation (1hr)
-Ayurvedic body scrub & Four-handed Abhyanga (1hr30)

Day 2: Sense of Serenity
-Shirodhara (30 min)
-Indian head massage (30 min)

Day 3: Positive Healing
-Reiki (1hr30)

Day 4: Deep Relaxation
-Yoga Nidra (1hr)
-Four-handed Abhyanga (1hr)

Day 5: Mindful Renewal
-Mindfulness meditation (1hr)
-Reiki (1hr30)
-Restorative yoga (1hr)

€ 295 per person, per day for a 5-day program, is applied on top of the accommodation rate

Muscle Toning

This week-long programme integrates personalised training, energetic nutrition and massage therapy to enhance fitness, promote well-being and induce relaxation. Ideal for toning and sculpting the body, while enhancing your mental well-being, this expertly-designed retreat caters for individuals seeking a better life balance and those looking to adopt a new fitness routine.

Day 1: Fitness Testing
-Assessment (30 min)
-Personalised training session (1hr)
-Body scrub and Lymphatic drainage massage (1hr)

Day 2: Strength Training
-Personalised training session (1hr)
-Thai Yoga massage (without oil) (1hr)

Day 3: Cardio Blast
-Personalised training session (1hr)
-Sports massage (1hr)

Day 4: Relaxation & Recovery
-Stretching (45 min)
-Hatha Yoga (1hr)
-Sports massage (1hr)

Day 5: Massage Therapy
-Personalised training session (1hr)
-Hammam (20 min)
-Swedish massage (1hr)

Day 6: Flexibility & Balance
-Personalised training session (1hr)
-Sports massage (1hr)

Day 7: Celebration & Reflection
-Hammam (20 min)
-Body scrub (30 min)
-Lymphatic drainage (1hr)

€ 240 per person, per day for a 7-day program, is applied on top of the accommodation rate.

Sleep Sanctuary

Designed to nurture both body and soul, this six-day sleep retreat provides a complete immersion into a world of serenity, facilitating deep relaxation and stress reduction. Restorative treatments and techniques are employed to assist in finding inner healing and inducing a state of relaxation.

Day 1: Peaceful Arrival
-Yoga Nidra (1hr)
-Aromatic Vichy shower (30 min)

Day 2: Tension Relief
-Anti-stress massage (1hr30)
-Sleep cocoon (30 min)

Day 3: Head Relaxation
-Shirodhara (30 min)
-Indian head massage (30 min)

Day 4: Energy Balance
-Reiki (1hr30)
-Sleep cocoon (30 min)

Day 5: Mindfulness Meditation
-Mindfulness meditation (1hr)
-Aromatic Vichy shower (30 min)

Day 6: Peaceful Departure
-Anti-stress massage (1hr30)-Valmont Treatment Hydration of the Bisses (1hr)

€ 255 per person, per day for a 6-day program, is applied on top of the accommodation rate.

Timeless Beauty

In just five days, this rejuvenating beauty retreat brings about a remarkable change in your physical and mental well-being. The revitalising treatments provided by Royal Palm’s expert therapists and restorative workshops unlock the body’s full potential, counteract stress and have a deeply purifying effect, revealing the natural radiance of your skin while enhancing your inner beauty.

Day 1: Fitness & Vitality
-Personalised training session (1hr)
-Valmont Treatment Lift from the Peaks (1hr)

Day 2: Strength & Balance
-Pilates session (1hr)
-Body scrub (1hr30)

Day 3: Timeless Elegance
-Vinyasa Yoga (1hr)
-Royal Valmont treatment (1hr20)

Day 4: Renewed Spirit
-Stretching (45 min)
-Valmont treatment Reflections on a Frozen Lake (45 min)

Day 5: Ultimate Rejuvenation
- Valmont treatment L’Elixir des Glaciers (1hr30)

€ 320 per person, per day for a 5-day program, is applied on top of the accommodation rate.

Silhouette and Pilates

This six-day retreat offers a profoundly transformative fitness journey, aiming to relieve tension and unlock your body’s full potential. The Pilates programme, complemented by rejuvenating treatments, has been meticulously crafted by our wellness experts to sculpt both body and soul. It combines the benefits of Pilates for muscle toning with targeted wellness enhancement treatments and therapies.

Day 1: Pilates Foundation & Massage
-Mat Pilates (1hr)
-Tropical body scrub (1hr)

Day 2: Lymphatic Detox
-Lymphatic drainage massage (1hr)
-Chair Pilates (1hr)

Day 3: Body Sculpting & Massage
-Cadillac Pilates (1hr)
-Sports massage (1hr)

Day 4: Fusion Pilates
-Fusion Pilates (1hr)
-Energy of the Glaciers treatment (1hr)

Day 5: Exfoliation
-Slimming scrub (15 min)-Valmont Treatment Peaks of Slimness (1hr)

Day 6: Mindful Pilates
-Flow Pilates (1hr)
-Lymphatic drainage massage (1hr)

€ 300 per person, per day for a 6-day program, is applied on top of the accommodation rate.

Detox and Wellbeing

Indulge in a bespoke wellness experience with our detox offer, which is an escape for your mind, body and spirit. Designed to help you achieve your wellbeing goal, we propose an exclusive detox program consisting of carefully chosen treatments and activities, with equal focus on your nutrition to complete your journey.
Get ready to embark on a retreat full of sensory experiences that will leave you detoxified, invigorated and relaxed.

- 3 Peaks of Slimness – Valmont body treatment (1hr)
- 1 Royal Valmont - Valmont Face and Body Plenitude Ritual (1hr20)
- 2 Drainage body massages (1hr)
- 1 Slimming exfoliation – Valmont body treatment (15 mins)
- 3 Personal yoga sessions (1hr)
- 3 Personal training sessions (1hr)

€ 230 per person, per day for a 5-day program is applied on top of the accommodation rate.

A tailored diet plan for each retreat

Partnering with renowned French micro-nutritionist Valérie Espinasse and our talented Executive Chef, William Girard, we have crafted a culinary experience that transcends ordinary dining. Indulge in a bespoke diet plan designed to deliver deep, lasting effects, featuring detoxifying post-workout juices, therapeutic herbal infusions, and personalized food supplements formulated through Valérie Espinasse’s method.


Wellness Experts

Begin an enriching voyage of well-being and self-discovery with our exclusive lineup of international experts at our retreats throughout the year. From Indian Master Yogi Devesh Bhargav to Mauritian Yoga Expert Dalysha Doorga, each brings a unique blend of expertise to guide you towards inner peace and vitality. Experience holistic healing with Joelle Bildstein’s The Belly Lab approach and indulge in relaxation with Sicilian masseur and healer, Rosario Belmonte, who will animate the programs during special dedicated weeks. 

Contact us

For bookings and for more information on our retreats and the arrival of our experts, contact our reservations team at or +230 209 8300.