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Holidays in April : The Perfect Time for a Family Getaway in Mauritius

As April approaches, so does the allure of the Easter holidays—a perfect time to break away from the routine and indulge in a well-deserved pause. And what better place to embrace this escape than in Mauritius, the jewel of the Indian Ocean?

Picture yourself on powdery sand beaches, surrounded by turquoise waters and caressed by a gentle breeze. In Mauritius, every moment is an invitation to bliss and relaxation. Away from the daily hustle, it’s a paradise that promises its visitors an unforgettable experience where the sweetness of life blends with the richness of the landscapes.

Discover our tips for making the most of Mauritius in April.

Climate and Temperature: The Perfect Balance

Holidays in Mauritius in April

April is a prime month to visit Mauritius, especially for families seeking pleasant weather. With temperatures ranging from twenty degrees Celsius at night to twenty-nine degrees Celsius during the day, the island offers optimal climate comfort. The subtropical climate of Mauritius becomes milder in April, just after the southern summer. Sunny days and tempered heat by light sea breezes make outdoor activities and lounging on the heavenly beaches incredibly enjoyable.

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Why choose April for a vacation?

Traveling in April means enjoying the perfect balance between mild temperatures, sunshine, and minimal precipitation. It's the ideal time to avoid the high-season crowds while still benefiting from beautiful weather. The meteorological conditions are particularly favorable for sea excursions, exploring coral reefs, and discovering the exceptional fauna and flora of the island.

Watersports Mauritius

Moreover, the warm welcome of the Mauritians, combined with the natural beauty of this Indian Ocean gem, makes April a prime time for cultural immersion and total escapism. The spicy flavors of local dishes will complete this unique sensory experience.

A nature that is awake and welcoming

nature in april

In April, the nature of Mauritius is particularly generous. The vegetation is lush, and the gardens of Beachcomber resorts are adorned with their most beautiful colors. It's a time when the fauna is more active, offering fascinating natural spectacles for both young and old. Dolphin watching outings or excursions in national parks are must-dos that take on an extra dimension during this month when nature fully awakens.

Memorable cultural experiences

Visiting Mauritius in April is also an opportunity to discover historical treasures, such as the Martello Towers, classified as national heritage. These remnants of the past offer a unique perspective on the island's history and allow for a combination of relaxation and cultural enrichment.

April is the month when Mauritius reveals all its splendor, without the extremes of summer or the uncertainties of winter. It's a period when the climate, landscapes, and culture harmonize to offer an ideal holiday experience for the whole family. At Beachcomber, we are ready to welcome you to make your stay a unique moment, forever etched in your hearts and memories.
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What to do in Mauritius in April?

April is an ideal month to explore Mauritius, where the summer is coming to an end, offering a pleasant climate with less humidity and still warm temperatures. It's the perfect time for outdoor activities.

Sea lovers can enjoy scuba diving to admire the colorful coral reefs or embark on glass-bottom boat excursions to observe the richness of marine life without getting wet. Hikers will be delighted by trails winding through sugarcane fields and lush forests, leading to breathtaking viewpoints like Le Morne Brabant.

le morne brabant mauritius

For cultural immersion, visiting the Martello Towers and local museums will reveal the fascinating history of the island. April is also conducive to exploring colorful markets where the scents of spices and tropical fruits mingle with the friendliness of Mauritians. It's a golden opportunity to soak up the island's culture and bring back authentic memories.

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With Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, your stay will not just be a getaway, but an immersion into a world of comfort and exclusivity. Take advantage of our heavenly accommodations to turn your holiday into a magical and memorable moment.

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Join us in Mauritius for an exceptional vacation, where every day is a promise of wonder. Let yourself be charmed by the warmth of our welcome and the splendor of our sites, and make this Easter break an enchanting chapter of your year.

 Book your sunny getaway now and let yourself be carried away by the Beachcomber experience in Mauritius, your dream tropical destination for an unforgettable holiday.

Perfect family accommodation

Mauritius vacation FAQ: What to expect in April

April is a delightful time to visit Mauritius, with average temperatures ranging from a cozy 20 to a balmy 29 degrees Celsius. It marks the tail end of the Southern Hemisphere summer, so while it's still warm and a bit muggy, the heat begins to gently subside.

April is perfect for an array of activities. Dive into the underwater world with scuba diving and snorkeling, ride the wind with kite-surfing, explore the natural beauty on hikes, or delve into the past with a visit to the historical Martello Towers.

Things to do in Mauritius

Light and breathable clothing is the way to go to stay comfortable in the warm temperatures. Don't forget a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect against the sun. A light jacket might come in handy for cooler evenings.

Absolutely! April offers great underwater visibility for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, with a rich marine life to discover, including vibrant fish and lively coral reefs.

April is an ideal time to indulge in our outdoor activities that bring together both the young and the young at heart for unforgettable adventures. Our hotels host a variety of activities: creative workshops for kids, family excursions to explore Mauritius, and water sports like snorkeling in coral reefs. Every moment with Beachcomber is a chance to strengthen family bonds through joy and exploration.

Indeed. We understand the need for parents to have their moments of peace. That's why our kids' clubs offer a range of professionally supervised activities. While your children thrive in a safe environment, you can unwind on our dreamy beaches or pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

Discover the family experience

Our suites, villas and family apartment are tailor-made for family comfort. Spacious and stylish, they are fully equipped to meet all your needs, with living spaces perfect for creating cherished moments together. We also provide personalized services to cater to the unique needs of each family, ensuring a carefree stay for everyone.

We believe authenticity is at the heart of an unforgettable stay. Beachcomber invites you to immerse in the Mauritian culture with local cooking workshops, themed evenings, and interactions with local communities. Our commitment to environmental sustainability also presents unique opportunities to educate the whole family on preserving the beauty of our island.