Temporary coastal erosion protection works

The project

Beach erosion is a major concern in Mauritius. It is the cause of various environmental and socio-economic issues, which points to a need for collective awareness and the implementation of practical solutions.

This erosion has led to the lowering and scouring of the beach, thereby weakening the foundation of the wall in front of La Caravelle restaurant at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa. Temporary protection works have therefore become urgent, pending the implementation of comprehensive protection measures for the area.

To address the situation, the hotel has opted for Stabiplage, a patented solution developed by Espace Pur, a French company with over 25 years of recognised expertise in marine erosion control. Works will take place in the second half of April 2023 at an estimated cost of Rs 3 million.

A swell attenuator device will be installed to protect the entire length of the wall, as well as the portion of land downstream. This permeable solution consisting of wooden posts, a geo-synthetic structure, a geo-synthetic reinforcing layer and sand will mitigate the swells.

The coconut trees in front of the hotel will unfortunately have to be removed for the safety of hotel guests, Artisans, residents and the public at large. Their roots have been weakened by rising sea levels and they do not help the deposition of sand. Arrangements have also been made to facilitate the movement of people throughout the duration of the works.

The advantages of this temporary solution

Stabiplage provides a soft approach to erosion control. This fully permeable solution has the following advantages:

  • It is designed to be hand-built, using high quality materials and lightweight equipment.
  • It absorbs wave energy to stop the erosion process.
  • It does not affect nature and fits harmoniously into the existing landscape.
  • By securing the wall and maintaining the existing beach area, it will maintain the attractiveness of the hotel.
  • There will be no negative impact on the movement of beach users.