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Discover Beachcomber’s incredible hotels in Blue Bay in Mauritius. Learn more about this destination & choose the dream accommodation for your Mauritius holiday.

Natural wonders

Blue Bay is of course defined by its beautiful waters, and this patch of the Indian Ocean is home to some of the most stunning biodiversity on the planet. The 353-hectare Blue Bay Marine Park maintains an impressive coral garden, which sustains a wide variety of marine life. Our Beachcomber Sport and Nature eco-tourism program encourages our guests to take to the water, whether boating, snorkelling, or scuba diving, and take in the natural beauty of the Marine Park in a safe and sustainable way.

Sea creatures aren’t the only things the animal kingdom has to offer in Blue Bay, with easy access to conservation hubs such La Vanille Nature Park, Ile Aux Aigrettes, and Ferney Valley - the latter of which can be found at the foot of the breathtaking Lion Mountain. These nature parks offer a chance to see the conservation and educational efforts being made to protect the unique wildlife of Mauritius, and are the perfect activity for a day out.

Relaxation guaranteed

Blue Bay is one of the most tranquil areas of Mauritius, ensuring the preservation of its natural habitats and their inhabitants. But the serenity is not only for the benefit of the animals, and we strive to uphold this same peacefulness for our guests by ensuring anything you could possibly need can be found at our Shandrani Beachcomber resort. Nestled in a bamboo-bordered garden you will find stunning spa facilities waiting to support your wellbeing, body and mind.

With six restaurants and two bars to choose from, we want your taste buds to be as stimulated as the rest of your senses. And, if you fancy venturing out of Blue Bay and exploring the island even further, you can dine interchangeably at any of our hotel restaurants across Mauritius. 

If you have decided the southeast of the island is the right place for you, explore our Blue Bay hotel and book your dream break today.